Authorized by James LI

Parents' Slate

Put Parents back into our school system!

Five independent school trustee candidates have agreed to come together as the
PARENTS' SLATE to run together sharing the same worrisome concern of
"Parental rights soon becoming an endangered species in the sphere of our public school system for our kids"

This was brought to our attention by many many parents and residents of Richmond, they are worried, they are concerned. The five independent trustees are

  • Charvine ADL (1)

  • Andrea GONG-QUINN (6)

  • Richard LEE (9)

  • James LI (10)

  • Ivan PAK (15)

As your school trustees, we aim to restore our parents back in their rightful place in our school system, parents' rightful place is at the very centre of our school system, not on the fringe, not being marginalized again and again! If we know our country's history, we would know that without parental support, there would
have been no public school system, without parental involvement, there could not have been the public school system as we know it today.

We the PARENTS' SLATE also share these issues on our school system:

  • Academics first;

  • the wrong SOGI POLICY was approved, we will fix it;

  • keep our schools marijuana free;

  • School facilities upgrades.

TO ALL PARENTS AND RESIDENTS OF RICHMOND, please consider us candidates of the PARENTS' SLATE, please support us, and please, please, please VOTE, thank you very much.


The Issues At Hand

Time for Change

Academics first

Our goal as School Trustees will be, first and foremost, to promote academic education.  By that, we mean English, Mathematics and Sciences. Teachers are being asked to do too much in classrooms.  As a result, when a child falls behind, they don’t notice or don’t have the time to help. So many parents in Richmond use tutors on top of public school education.  Universities complain that new students do not meet their expectations and they’ve have had to drop their standards for English and Mathematics. We want to support teachers.  We want to empower them to focus on what they do best, which is teaching. We need to reduce distractions in class and clutter in the curriculum so that they can deliver on academics and parents can feel confident that their children are getting the education that they need.

Wrong SOGI policy was passed, fix it now!

The Richmond school board passed SOGI policy on June 27, despite that many citizens and mostly parents taking a strong opposition in the implementation of such policy. This policy was not comprehensively drafted. It undermined parents rights, violate human rights of teachers parents and students who do not share the same view of the LGBTQ community. This policy promote SOGI123 resources. These resources promote the ideology of gender fluidity. Gender fluidity is still an unscientific theory which we strongly disagree with. This SOGI policy must be reviewed in respect of all kids with their religions and cultures. If we are elected, we will engaged in discussion with all stakeholders including parents teachers and students to amend the policy to make it truly inclusive and establish independent evaluation process of SOGI123 resources.

Keep our schools marijuana free;

Marijuana will be legalized on October 17th, it will bring A huge challenge to our community and OUR children. Is our school ready?!
Current school policy only has provisions about illegal drugs. However there is no specific policy about legalized marijuana. Provincial laws banns cosumption of marijuana in School, however it does not ban possession of marijuana in School.  We believe we need to make this issue our priority!
Once we are elected, we will pass a policy that includes Possession and consuming Marijuana and related products such as marijuana candy and cookie is not allowed on school district property, Any advertisement promoting marijuana use is not allowed.  
We will work together with the community and parents to educate our children so they understand that marijuana will bring permanent harm to brain development.  
We will work with city council in the making of bylaws that consuming marijuana in any public place with children involved is not allowed; Setting Up warning signs that Consuming Marijuana is harm to young persons; Enhancing bylaw enforcement in school areaS. Let's work together to protect our children, let's make our school marijuana free!

School facilities upgrades

Facility upgrade is a very big topic.  Due to the limited time, I will only elaborate the top two concerns.  First, we need a city centre school in Richmond. With so many condos being built, more and more families live in this area.  Second, seismic upgrades all over Richmond. The current school board says: “Originally we thought we gonna have money for school in city centre.  But then we learned the money that we gonna get is only gonna be enough either for seismic upgrade or for city school. And therefore we went with no city centre school, because we don’t have enough money”. That is their choice.  This is not our choice. The Victoria forced this on us and have them say so. We need both. We need a city centre school in 2 years. Right now only 4 schools are currently on the list for seismic upgrades, we still have 24 schools to go.  When we Parents’ Slate got elected, we are representing the people, the people are everything and the government has to listen. We will convince Victoria that the children of Richmond need both our city centre school AND timely seismic upgrades for our at risk schools, the citizens of Richmond need them, for sure it will not happen if we don’t try, something could happen if we try, as Churchill said "never give up...Never never never give up!”

Parental Rights

We 5 came together because we 5 have the same concern for the parents of Richmond, we want to put our PARENTS back in their rightful place in our school system.

PARENTS' rightful place is at the table of all school board meetings, PARENTS' VOICE must be listened to before decisions are made on WHAT to teach your kids, and HOW to your kids. 

It's been said that "there's no such thing as parental rights in our school system because it was not written up in our country's constitution..."

that's NONSENSE, it was not written up in our constitution ONLY BECAUSE no one ever thought that there will come a day that someone would DARE to even suggest that we PARENTS FOR OUR KIDS, would have no say in WHAT our children are being taught, and HOW are children are being taught, but unless we come together NOW, this could happen to you.

WE, the 5 of us in PARENTS' SLATE, urge you parents to join with us in this election, TOGETHER, we can turn things around, we can make things happen, please support PARENTS' SLATE, please VOTE, thank you very much.