Authorized by James LI

About James

a Richmond Parent, a Child Care Teacher, a Volunteer serving the Community for 15 years

James has Master's degree from one of the top universities . He has been a Richmond resident and has actively served the community as a volunteer for around 15 years. As a parent, He has been serving in school Parent Advisory Council and multiple parents groups with thousands of parents involved.

As a provincial-licensed early childhood educator assistant, James has worked with children in daycare and preschool in Richmond for many years. James also worked as support teacher and behavior interventionist for children with special needs.

Standing up for parents and children, James is dedicated to emphasizing and achieving the following important educational goals:

  1. Respect Parental Rights & Protect All Children

  2. Enhance Family's Involvement

  3. Improve Quality of Education

  4. Promote Chinese Immersion Program

  5. Improve Support for Children with Special Needs

Other topics which James will also focus on include impacts of cannabis legalization, anti-bullying, school safety and nutritional lunch programs.